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Hoarding: When It Goes Beyond “Clutter"

When It Goes Beyond “Clutter”

DEC 29, 2020 by Sarah Wadsworth


Thanks to multiple TV shows, I think most of us are at least aware of the term “hoarding” or “hoarders.” Maybe you’ve seen an episode of “Hoarders” where a person’s home is overtaken by clutter and filth. Although it may be easy to watch someone deal with this on TV, the reality of hoarding is not dealt with in a single one-hour episode.

is a mental health disorder, which causes those suffering to compulsively to acquire and keep items that may be seen as useless or unnecessary. With hoarding disorder, sometimes even just the thought of getting rid of items can cause major distress for the individual.


Bio-One has assisted in the hoarding cleanup process for thousands of people across the US who struggle with this illness. At Bio-One, we take mental health seriously because the impact of those struggles can affect so many people, not just those who are personally afflicted.

What may seem like basic clutter could be the early signs of a much deeper issue. These situations can be mentally and emotionally taxing for all involved, so it is sometimes necessary to call in professionals for help.

At Bio-One, we take pride in helping others and treating them with the utmost respect, no matter the nature of the scene. We understand how overwhelming and daunting the task of a major cleanup or remediation can be, and that is why we are here to help.

If you know someone who has hoarding tendencies, there are mental health professionals who specialize in diagnosing and treating hoarding disorder. 


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