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Hoarding and Spring Cleaning with Bio-One


Spring cleaning is commonly associated with refreshing your home for warm weather ahead. While common activities include dusting, mopping floors, and removing clutter, Bio-One also sees an increase in hoarding remediation.


Maybe you’ve discovered a loved one is living in a hoarding situation and you want to help. Or you’ve inherited an estate and a trash or animal hoard was revealed. Perhaps, you are living in a hoarding situation and have decided it’s time for help. 


No matter the circumstances, Bio-One provides care and compassion, and  can customize a unique plan to meet your needs. 


Here are just a few of the many Indianapolis community members we’ve had the pleasure to help. 





After years of accumulating clothing, this elderly woman's home had been overtaken and she could not safely move throughout the house.  Overwhelmed by the enormous task of getting the home back to a safe condition, her children reached out to Bio-One. In two days, our team removed approximately 14,000 pounds of clothes.


The homeowner was able to come back to a safe space, and her family has some peace of mind knowing their mother/grandmother is safe in her own home! 



This beautiful house needed some TLC after the homeowner became physically unable to properly take care of it. Her daughter realized the extent of the situation within the home and called Bio-One to help. 


Because of the unique circumstances surrounding this job, our team went above and beyond to clean this home up as quickly as possible. We were so happy to help take this burden off our client and her mother. 



Sadly, this house was in far worse condition than the above pictures depict. This homeowner's friend called us when she realized the unhealthy and unsafe conditions of her friend's home. The homeowner had to clean out the home, or she would not be able to continue to live there. After cleaning out the debris and disinfecting the home, we were able to refer some wonderful contractors to help complete this home's transformation from top to bottom.


This home ended up getting new flooring, new paint, some new appliances, and all of its minor issues were able to be repaired as well. The homeowner was able to come home to a safe, clean environment, and Bio-One was honored to help her get this fresh start!

If you or a loved one could use some help with spring cleaning, contact Sarah at Bio-One!



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