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Dirty Jobs with Bio-One

Dirty Jobs with Bio-One
Cleaning Up After Unwelcome Pests




At Bio-One, we see it all. We help our community in times of tragedy with our crime and trauma cleanup services. We help those struggling with mental health clean up their hoarded homes so they can get on the path to wellness. But those are just a couple of our services.


Bio-One is trained, certified, and licensed to remove and remediate all types of biohazards. Biohazards present in various forms and often times, animals can be the biggest culprits. Cleaning up after our own pets can be a gross job, but cleaning up after unwanted pests, like rodents and raccoons, should be left to the professionals.


Animals can be infected with parasites, diseases, and viruses that are incredibly dangerous to humans and other animals. When an animal leaves behind waste, it leaves behind the danger of anything it may be infected with. Animal waste must be decontaminated and disposed of properly. After an unwelcome critter has contaminated a space with feces or urine, proper disinfection is necessary to ensure the safety of those who may enter the area.


Bio-One can remove, decontaminate, and disinfect your space after unwelcome pests have left a mess. We have remediated the aftermath of raccoons in attics, birds in a barn, opossums in a crawl space, and rodents throughout entire homes.  



No matter what type of animal or pest has caused you headache, Bio-One is happy to help remediate the area to restore your home or property to a safe and healthy environment! 


To learn more about how we can help with animal biohazard cleanup, contact Sarah at Bio-One.




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