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Undiscovered Death: The Overlooked and Devastating Impact on Families and Biohazard Cleaning Crews

Preparing to clean an undiscovered death
Preparing to remediate an undiscovered death scene

Biohazard cleaning crews are often tasked with the challenging job of cleaning up after traumatic incidents such as homicides, suicides, or accidents. While these situations are certainly difficult, they are also typically well-known and documented. However, there is another type of death that is much less talked about and can leave an even more significant impact on those left behind: undiscovered death.

Undiscovered death occurs when a person dies alone, and their body goes undiscovered for an extended period of time, often weeks or even months. These types of deaths are especially common among elderly people who live alone or individuals who do not have close family or friends to check on them regularly. In these cases, the person may have died from natural causes, suicide, or other factors, but the body decomposes without intervention.

Dealing with an undiscovered death can devastate family members and loved ones who may not have known that their relative or friend had passed away until weeks or even months later. The discovery of a decomposing body can also be traumatic for first responders and cleaning crews, who must deal with the physical and emotional aftermath of such a scene.

Cleaning up after an undiscovered death is a delicate process that requires specialized equipment, training, and experience. Biohazard cleaning crews must carefully remove and dispose of all biological materials, including bodily fluids and tissues, to ensure that the area is thoroughly decontaminated. They must also work quickly to address any odors and deodorize the space to help alleviate the psychological impact of the discovery.

In addition to physical cleaning, biohazard cleaning crews often play a crucial role in supporting family members and loved ones during the aftermath of an undiscovered death. They may work with law enforcement or other agencies to provide compassionate support and guidance during the difficult time.

Undiscovered death is a tragic and often overlooked aspect of death and dying. Biohazard cleaning crews play a critical role in addressing the aftermath of these situations and supporting the individuals and families impacted by them. Through their specialized training and expertise, these professionals help restore the affected area to a safe and sanitary condition while providing crucial emotional support and guidance during a difficult and traumatic time.

Bio-One of Marion County is a locally owned and operated biohazard and hoarding cleaning company serving Indianapolis and surrounding areas. We specialize in blood, bodily fluid, and feces removal, rodent droppings cleaning, sewage cleanup, hoarding, and pet hoarding cleaning, gross filth cleanup, and odor removal services. Helping people who are faced with difficult situations to get their surroundings and lives back in order is our #1 priority. 

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Bio-One Homeless Encampment, Rescuing Cats, Donating to Police Officer

Bio-One teams across the U.S. answer calls to help their communities and remediate a variety of scenes. In our new blog series, we'd like to bring you into the Bio-One world by sharing stories of the unique and important work we do for local communities.

Here is Week 1 of our Bio-One Weekly Wrap-Up. 

Homeless Encampment Clean-Up - Temecula, CA

On the west coat, the Bio-One team was called by the Hemet San Jacinto Chamber of Commerce to safely decontaminate an area outside their office. With homelessness on the rise, there is in increase of biohazardous waste that is sadly starting to accumulate in zones of our cities. 

While Bio-One teams have been actively remediating homeless encampments for decades, we just refreshed this information on our Bio-One website. View it here

"We are actively looking for partnerships to help keep our cities clean and safe for children and families." - Jason and William, Bio-One Owners

COVID-19 Disinfection to Raise Money for Local Police Sgt. - Asheville, NC

In the fall of 2020, it was announced that Jax, the 3 year-old son of Sgt. Jordan Warren at the Henderson County Sheriff's Office, was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer. Sgt. Warren has served the community in Henderson County for 10 years, and the community has rallied on his behalf by donating thousands of dollars for the family in their time of need. 

To help raise money, the Bio-One team in Asheville raffled off a COVID-19 disinfection, up to 5,000 sqft for any home or business. The raffle ran through January 2021 and raised over $600. This week, the team happily treated the winner, Strong Hand Fitness, to the disinfection. 

"Police officers and their families make big sacrifices to serve their community, most of which go unseen. So, when first responder families are in need, we want to help anyway we can. We wish the entire Warren family the best as Jax continues his fight." - Matt Gregg, Bio-One Owner

Cat Rescue - Flagstaff, Arizona

In January, the Bio-One team in Flagstaff answered the call to remediate an unattended death. They learned from the next of kin that a husband had passed away in the home while his wife, at the time, was fighting for her life at the local hospital after being diagnosed with COVID-19.

Once the team arrived, it was clear this would be a multi-day job. Not only was there a biohazard to remediate, but the home was hoarded and restoring the home to a safe environment was an urgent need. While working, the Bio-One crew identified three cats lingering in and around the home. Initially, it was assumed one cat was owned by the family, and the other two were part of the neighborhood. The first cat, nicknamed Hunter, was given to the Ark Cat Sanctuary for a checkup and to eventually find a new home. In the spirit of kindness, the team also provided food and water for the other two neighborhood cats when working onsite. 

Several weeks passed, and the Bio-One team received word that the wife had sadly lost her life due to complications from COVID-19. The next of kin asked the team to revisit the home and remove remaining items. Shortly after work began, the two neighborhood cats were found. It was then revealed that the two animals were owned by the deceased couple. After living off the land for months, they were rescued by the Bio-One team and turned over to the Ark Cat Sanctuary for care. We hope each animal finds a loving home. 

"We are very fortunate that our staff and owners have a heart for animals and will do whatever they can to help the pets like we do our clients." - Rebecca Wallace, Bio-One Owner

First stage of human decomposition:

The body will take on rigor mortis, begin cell death, and attract insects. This will be the first few days.


The body will become discolored and expanding gases can create a messy explosion.


Liquid leaves the body, skin becomes black, organs and bones break down.

Body decomposition is an extremely pungent, messy, and germ-infested process. Even after a body is taken away, there is a lot of cleaning and santizing that should be handled by trained professionals with proper chemicals and equipment. Please contact us immediately and we will remedy the situation.

Discovering an unattended death usually happens between loved ones or friends/neighbors. When this happens, it's both shocking and overwhelming. You may feel like you need to move the body or cleanup the area. Coming into contact with decomposition is not a safe option if you're not properly trained to do so. 

Don't ever feel like you need to be the one to clean a death of a loved one. This can be an emotionally taxing endeavour as well as dangerous if done incorrectly. Bio-One is trained to come in and take care of this for you. We are discreet, thorough, and compassionate. All of our technicians are trained to make sure everything is both cleaned and disinfectd so you don't have to think about it. 

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