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August Training - Welcoming New Franchises!
Attending B.O.T.S. Training this August is our newest franchise, Bio-One Winston-Salem! They're attending training this week along with their Lead...
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Odor Remediation
Lingering odors frustrate homeowners and business owners alike. Cigarette smoke, animal waste and mold produce foul, pervasive smells that are...
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Properly Disposing of Bio Waste
Biohazardous waste demands a different disposal process than other items you might throw in the trash, like discarded food. Any object suffused with...
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2019 Sheriff's Association of Texas Conference and Expo.
Check out this awesome setup from Bio-One West Texas and Bio-One East Dallas! Garrett Spooner and Daniel Avila are attending the 2019...
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Medical Waste/Sharps: Disposing of it Properly
You’ve probably seen grey lockboxes with biohazard stickers mounted to walls in pharmacies and libraries and wondered what they are....
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MRSA—What is it, how to avoid being contaminated.
A recent outbreak of MRSA at University of Pittsburgh’s Medical Center Children’s Hospital had people talking about the infection’s scariest...
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Hoarding Safety Risks
The term “hoarding” is frequently misused. People often use the word to condemn themselves—or their family members—for accumulating items...
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Help Prevent Suicide
Suicide effects people of all ages and doesn't always mean someone is mentally ill.  Look for warning signs. People who consider suicide as an...
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Undiscovered Death Remediation
Undiscovered Death Remediation An unattended death occurs in solitude. It often takes several days before somebody suspects that something is wrong....
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Bio-One Training - July 2019
Here are our newest Bio-One franchises training at our Denver office this July! We are glad you are a part of the team! If you...
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